When I Was 17, I Had My Very First Beer...

I did. I was 17. At some party in the middle of North Windham with my then-girlfriend who was a known hell raiser. I was a good kid, who got suckered into trying a Red Dog. Gross. I may have had MAYBE half of it before I started telling her "yeah, I drank it, yeah it was awesome, OH MAN I'M WASTED!" I wasn't. I took it to the bathroom with me, poured it down the toilet and held onto it for the rest of the night while I pretended to drink from it.

I was 17, 17 year olds are stupid.

Fast forward to college. Until my first weekend in my dorm room, I hadn't touched a drop of alcohol since that Red Dog fiasco. It was gross enough make me not want to ever drink beer...And like I said, I was a good kid. Within a few weeks, that all changed. My roommate gave me my first good beer, a Magic Hat #9. It was the furthest thing from what I expected, and I loved it. Jim, I'm sure at some point you'll read this, so thank you...for my drinking problem! I kid!

The problem was...I was 18. And broke. Sadly, I wouldn't be able to indulge in this for a couple more years.


Ok, so I'm about 20, and I'm a regular at Main St. Cafe, and they brew their own beer. I was in heaven. I would work, go home, change out of my smelly clothes and go right to my favorite bar. It helped that I was a 7 minute walk from my front door to the bar stool. And my fake ID was AWESOME! Thanks random Sprint store on Burnside Ave! They make phenomenal beer and I just couldn't get enough. But I wouldnt stray far from wheat or white ales and I was dumb enough to say that Hoegaarden was my favorite beer. While Magic Hat made me realize, "hey, I guess beer isn't shitty!" Hoegaarden grabbed me and said "DRINK!" And I did. I still couldn't do IPAs and other extreme beers. I stuck to what I knew, Belgians.

A few years later and my palette has expanded. When I was about 24, I brewed my very first beer. It was an American Lager. Budweiser with less of a stale urine taste. But it was good. Good in the sense that that's how it was supposed to taste. I just don't like lagers too much. After that, I brewed a plain White Ale that I loved and the last batch was a Boysenberry Wheat. it was AMAZING! It was called Witches Brew and it was perfect. That was the last batch I brewed for some time.

In that time I have come to discover my undying affinity for craft beer. And now, IPAs are easily my favorite beer, at the moment. My girlfriend will be the first to tell you that my favorite of anything quickly changes! I have a lot of love for good, shitty beer. I love PBR and I put away a 40 of Haffenreffer like nobody's business! It took a lot of coercion for me to start this blog and I hope I have fun with it. So this is my jumping off point...

My name is Jacob. I love craft beer and I look forward to inundating you with all kinds of beer goodies.

And I may sneak some music stuff here and there...

Here goes nothing! Cheers!