#28 Sixpoint Series: Righteous Rye

**Third in a totally awesome trilogy of posts**

Hello again, nice of you to join me on this grey and miserable day. After playing COD: Black Ops II all day (Xbox 360, if you're interested), I thought perhaps it would be an appropriate day to hunker down and pound out the last installment of this awesome trilogy devoted to New York's very own, Sixpoint Brewery.

I saved Righteous Ale for last because its a relatively new style for me. I can probably count on one hand how many I've had. The only one that really comes to mind is Rich and Dan's Rye IPA from Harpoon. That was an excellent beer, but for different reasons than today's subject. I hit the interwebs for a little more information about Rye beers on Wikipedia, and learned some new nuggets of information. I am now fully capable to write this review!

Righteous pours a nice dark, wood with some amber highlights in the light. There was about a 1.5 finger head that was foamy and bubbly, definitely not fluffy. The last 1/8" of the head really sticks around, leaving a thick lacing on my glass. It has a very sharp nose, with some mingling scents of sweetness, some roasted, and a slight, slight hint of hops. The sharpness really comes through in the taste, also. It's an extremely crisp flavor, and dry finish. I'm not getting the the same burnt, roasted flavors that you would in a porter or stout, but the the caramelized flavor of the malt and the sweetness of the rye really shine here. There is definitely a bitter finish to it due to the hops. I'm glad the rye, and not the hops was the focus.

I would drink this again in a heartbeat. It's a simple, no bullshit, good beer. It's a nice medium body, goes down easy, and the whole time you get to enjoy the delightful taste of it all. I've certainly never had a beer quite like it, but would welcome one again, if the chance arises.

I need to learn me some photoshop or
photography to get my ugly mug out
of the reflection on the can!
"They should be good men; their affairs as righteous;
but all hoods make not monks.
Beneath a deep blanket of
snow there is a cereal grain that can survive the harsh
winters and acidic soils- RYE. Like a draped hood over a
monk, it is the righteousness inside that shines.

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Sixpoint Righteous Ale

Smell: 3.5/5
Appearance: 3.5/5
Taste: 4/5
Feel: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.625/5

This beer pairs well with: The Sword - The Hidden Masters


#27 Sixpoint Series: Bengali Tiger

**Second in a totally awesome trilogy of posts**

Hi guys, que pasa? You'll have to forgive my slight absence from my social media hubs. I've been busy saving the world at work, and wandering aimlessly trying not to succumb to wanting to curl up in fetal position under my desk and sleep it all away. Oh, and driving my new car.

My sexy, sexy, new car.
And also learning up on my homebrewing. But that's a post for another day...probably a Tuesday.

Today, I'm going to try to convince you to go out and get some Bengali Tiger from Sixpoint. I have a good feeling that it wont take much persuasion either. I mean, after all, it was one of my favorite beers of 2012.

A favorite for a reason, I mean, can you see how handsome I look in that can?!

Busting out my new favorite beer glass from my Ommegang gift pack, I poured that sucker out with some vigor. It looks like beer. An unassuming amber, slightly hazy with a finger and a half of fluffy, sticky head. Leaves behind quite a bit of lacing. I kind of wanted to spread it on some bread. The nose is different for an IPA, as in I'm not getting much hops from it, at all. In fact, grapefruit, and other citrus-y scents are what I'm getting mostly. It smells awesome, like that first peel of a clementine..or..whatever.

Sometimes, the hardest part about photographing the beers, is
not grabbing the glass and attacking the beer with my mouth.

Bengali is a wicked mellow, dry, and hoppy on the tongue with an almost refreshing sensation on the back end. It's not the (sometimes) over-whelming hop monster that a lot of west coast IPAs can be. It's extremely well balanced, a sweet tang, followed by a nice fresh blast of hops. It's no wonder why this seemed to be the beer of this past summer, it was MADE for summer days. Seriously, Sixpoint and Green Flash were the two breweries that dominated craft beer conversation in Connecticut this summer. I digress...Bengali has a nice medium body, with a heavier carbonation. And if you exhale, the hops leaves that cooling feeling in your mouth, like a piece of mint gum. Like some of my favorite beers, it's modest at first, but then unfolds in your mouth and makes you all kinds of happy. Delicious. Have you had it? What do you think?

"Strides forward with a malty cadence, then leaps with a wave of bitterness.
Slashed with a giant paw of citrus, pine, and resin! Note, the lacing of stripes
around your glass-It's the mark of the Tiger!"

Now I know where the name comes from!

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Website: http://sixpoint.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sixpoint
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sixpoint
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sixpointbrewery
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/sixpointvision
Pintrist: http://pinterest.com/sixpointbrewery/

Sixpoint Bengali Tiger

Smell: 4.5/5
Appearance: 3.5/5
Taste: 4.5/5
Feel: 3/5

Overall: 3.875/5

This beer pairs well with: Black Light Burns - Tiger By the Tail


#26 Sixpoint Series: Brownstone

**First in a totally awesome trilogy of posts**

I thought that perhaps the best way to start the new year, would be with a series of posts focused on the brewery that amazed me most last year. And when I say amazed, I mean both their beer and the people that run the joint. It was all very personal, and stuff.

Anyway, Sixpoint Brownstone is an American Brown Ale. Browns are typically a style I haven't really gravitated towards. I think the only one I can recall having  is Newcastle, and that never did much for me. I'm not a big fan of "nutty" flavors. And it always tasted really thin, kind of flat. It's been years since I've had one. I could be way off, but in my head, that's how it is.

Sixpoint took everything I didn't like about my Brown Ale experience and omitted it from their brew. I'm going to tell you how.

It pours an attractive toffee brown with burgundy tones when held up to the light. There's a foamy, fluffy cream colored head that went away pretty quickly, leaving a sticky, long lasting lacing (say THAT ten times fast). I didn't wait long enough and got foam on my nose, but it smells vaguely sweet, with lots of malts, brown sugar, and dare I say a bit smokey? I dare say. Here's my favorite part, the taste. It's a nice, smooth, mouth feel. Mellow malts kind of roll around the tongue with a slight bitter hops at back end. There were lingering flavors of toffee and chocolate as it warmed up. It was way more complex than I was expecting. Very crisp flavors.

From what I've been reading, American Brown Ales are aggressively hopped, which would explain why I prefer it a  lot more. Do yourself a favor, if you're like me and Browns don't do much for you, give this beer a shot. It might change your mind like it did mine. Or if you already like Browns, but haven't had this one, get it.

And thus ends my first review in a month! I'll be back with more!

"...and coming out of the brownstone house to the
gray sidewalk, the watered street, one side of the
building rises with the sun like a glistening field of wheat"

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Website: http://sixpoint.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sixpoint
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sixpoint
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sixpointbrewery
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/sixpointvision
Pintrist: http://pinterest.com/sixpointbrewery/

Sixpoint Brownstone

Smell: 4/5
Appearance: 3.5/5
Taste: 4/5
Feel: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.75/5

This beer pairs well with: Guns N Roses - Mr. Brownstone

I swear I don't condone heroin, just liked the names working together, that's all. Plus I mean  this is a pretty rocking song!