I Want To Break Free

"I've fallen in love
I've fallen in love for the first time

And this time I know it's for real
I've fallen in love, yeah
God knows, God knows I've fallen in love."

When I first emailed Justin Bonner, the owner of Jailbreak Brewing Company, I never thought that inside of a year, I would be able to bear witness to the birth of a brewery that will certainly break free from the confines of any other normal brewery. But it's true. When Jailbreak opens its doors to the public, the craft beer scene in Maryland is going to become it's bitch.

Their tap handle!

I've had the luxury of being invited to Justin's house, and spending time with him and the rest of the Jailbreak crew while they practiced nailing down some recipes. It was here I was able to see what Ryan Harvey (Jailbreak's Brewmaster with an impressive resume) had "brewing" in his mind. Turns out...It's a lot. And not only is it a lot, it's so different. I was able to sample things like a blackberry wheat, a chocolate coconut porter (my personal favorite), and...well...these:

That Carrot Cake beer was unlike anything you have ever had. I promise.

Look, how many breweries have opened and you've thought "Yeah, awesome! A new brewery!" Only to go and see nothing special. A pale ale. A stout. Maybe a porter. But nothing with any real spirit. No real heart. Nothing to get really excited about. But at their new location, they already they have their batch of "Made Wit Basil" (a witbier brewed with fresh, chopped basil) kegged and ready to go. They also have "Big Punisher" their Double IPA, and while I was there last, they were finishing up brewing their Jalapeno IPA, and there was a blow-off bucket bubbling away with what I'm told is some cherry stout concoction. Yeah, I said it.

"Made Wit Basil." See, they even appreciate a good pun!

You and I both know that these are the kinds of beers that an established brewery will put out after its already gotten itself solidified. And these guys are having these on tap, at opening. That is ballsy. And I stand behind them 100% in this decision. Jailbreak is coming out swinging.

Look, the truth is, I started writing this blog post a long time ago. This is one piece I have struggled with. I want nothing more than to highlight Jailbreak in a light of positivity that they absolutely deserve. Am I kissing their ass? Maybe. It's hard to tell. I've developed a friendship with each person (Casey, Ryan, Erica, and Justin) involved in Jailbreak, I've shared beers at the owners house, I've been privy to seeing Jailbreak develop and grow, and even helped out with some CAD work so they can move along with the approval process from the state. I've put a lot of my own personal time into helping them. And I couldn't be more happier than to have done that, and I would again in a heart beat. And with all that, while I don't have anything to lose when it comes to Jailbreak, Maryland and Craft Beer as a whole, have everything to gain from their existence.

Do I love Jailbreak Brewing? Yes. And I will defend them with a fervent belligerence I save for only my most intoxicated and passionate rants on Twitter.

And before you try their beer, go to the bathroom and wash your hands.
Their faucets are magic.