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The Session #90: Beer Fight Club

The Session, a.k.a. Beer Blogging Friday, is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic. Each month, a different beer blogger hosts the Session, chooses a topic and creates a round-up listing all of the participants, along with a short pithy critique of each entry. Bill, The self proclaimed "Pittsburgh Beer Snob" was your host last month, and much like his chosen topic, he is now history.

I am Hipster Brewfus. A lot of you know what I'm about. What you don't know, is that I am incredibly bored by the happy-go-lucky nature of beer blogging. This is my opportunity to force you out of your comfort zone, and inject a little bit of hostility into this beer-laden world of sunshine and rainbows. It's time to knuckle up.

The idea for this session stemmed from a couple of few places. The first being my first experience with a bottle of Stone Brewing Vertical Epic 11-11-11. I have never wanted to punch a beer so hard in its glassy face before. The second item is my growing frustration with the general acceptance that all craft beer is good beer, and that any hint of negativity will do damage to our burgeoning scene. Lastly, a lot of the topics on The Session lately have been pretty unimaginative, uninspired, and uninteresting. 

The premise is this:

Have you ever drank a beer that became a battle, more than an enjoyable experience? Maybe a beer that was far bigger than you had anticipated? Something you felt determined to drink, just so you can say you conquered that son of a bitch, and you are all that is powerful. Or perhaps it is something that is just so bad, all you want to do is slap it around a bit. Or maybe you were on the verge of passing out, but you just wanted that one last beer, and the valiant struggle between taste bud fulfillment and the velvety embrace of sleep that ensued.

You picking up what I'm putting down?

It's time put down whatever praise you were about to dole out, and serve up a nice can of ass whupping.

Super Ticket Giveaway So You can get Drunk Outdoors And Pass Out In The Hot Sun

I'm keeping this short and sweet. I have a buttload of tickets to giveaway to this years Annapolis Craft beer & Music Festival.

Every Friday until September 12th, I will be giving out pairs of tickets. You win, your name goes on a list, you pick up your tickets t the event office the day of the event, and you have a great time, at a great beer fest.

Here is the schedule as of now, for the giveaway MADNESS

July 11th (2 Tickets) - Beer Haiku Winner picked!

July 18th (2 Tickets) - Brewfus Drawing (Draw a one panel caricature of me. Make it stupid as hell, I don't care. not looking for incredible artistry, just something funny. It could be a stick figure for all I care). Tag #hipsterbrewfus on Instagram, Twitter or post the picture to my Facebook page!

July 25th (2 Tickets) - ???

August 1st (2 Tickets) - ???
August 8th (2 Tickets) - ???
August 15th (2 Tickets) - ???
August 22nd (2 Tickets) - ???
August 29th (2 Tickets) - ???

September 5th (2 Tickets) - ???
September 12th (4 Tickets) - ???

As you can see, I'm still in the "how should I give stuff away??" phase. All entries are viable through e-mail (, Facebook (/HipsterBrewfusBlog), Twitter (@hipsterbrewfus), and Instagram (@hipsterbrewfus).

Good luck!

More info about the fest can be found here:

And my Roundup of last years event:

Brewfus' Definitive Food Pairing Guide

Now look, for the last two years I've been trying to get you all to realize that I do have a semblance of seriousness when it comes to this whole craft beer thing. To do this, I decided to go on a bit of a hiatus and really dig down deep and try to lay a finger upon what it is I need to do to show that I am indeed a force to reckon with in this industry. So what conclusion did I come up with?

Food pairings, yo!

Seriously, what better way to show you that A) craft beer is serious business, and B) I know what the hell I'm talking about!? To do that, I spoke with all the experts in the world, and broke it down by which style best pairs with which kind of food item. I put a lot of man hours into this, but now you have a quick reference guide when you're out and about and think to yourself "what will go well with this sweaty 7-11 hot-dog?"

Kölsch, Cream Ale, Blonde Ale:

Try a burrito.

British-Style Bitter:

Try a burrito.

Pale Ale:

Try a burrito.

India Pale Ale:

Try a burrito.

Double/Imperial IPA:

Try a burrito.

Amber/Red Ale:

Try a burrito.

Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy:

Try a burrito.

Brown Ale/Altbier:

Try a burrito.

Abbey Dubbel:

Put this in your mouth and eat it.

Abbey Tripel, Strong Golden Ale:

You could try a soft taco, or a "Burrito that couldn't commit."

Old or Strong Ale:

Though nachos might be more appropriate.

Barley Wine:

Nah, fuck that. Burritos.


I don't care what's in it, as long as its wrapped in a warm tortilla

Dry Stout:

Haaaaave you met my friend Burrito?

Sweet or Oatmeal Stout:

And his friend, burrito?

Imperial Stout:

When I'm done eating a burrito, I like to wash it down with another burrito.


You know what burritos pair well with? More burritos.

American Wheat Ale:

For now on, all future beer reviews will earn a score from 1 to 5 burritos.

American Table Beer:

My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen burrito, I said "No, but I want a regular burrito later, so "Yeah."


Oh burrito, you so fine, you fine you blow my mind.


Halfway through writing this, I went and got lunch.


And then I got a burrito.

Classic Pilsner:

"A burrito is just a sleeping bag for ground beef"

Helles, Dortmunder:

Have you ever met someone who doesn't like burritos?

Oktoberfest, M arzen, Vienna:

If you have, you should bludgeon them to death.

Amber Lager:


Dark Lager, Dunkel, Schwarzbier:

You know who hated burritos?

Maibock/Pale Bock:

Hitler. That is who.


So eat a burrito, with all of your beers.

Oud Bruin, Flanders, Gueze, Wild Ale, Lambic:

Because even little hamsters love burritos.

Because the only way to get credibility in this game, is to put some food on that shit. Beer is as good as wine, right?

I got fries on it.

I Want To Break Free

"I've fallen in love
I've fallen in love for the first time

And this time I know it's for real
I've fallen in love, yeah
God knows, God knows I've fallen in love."

When I first emailed Justin Bonner, the owner of Jailbreak Brewing Company, I never thought that inside of a year, I would be able to bear witness to the birth of a brewery that will certainly break free from the confines of any other normal brewery. But it's true. When Jailbreak opens its doors to the public, the craft beer scene in Maryland is going to become it's bitch.

Their tap handle!

I've had the luxury of being invited to Justin's house, and spending time with him and the rest of the Jailbreak crew while they practiced nailing down some recipes. It was here I was able to see what Ryan Harvey (Jailbreak's Brewmaster with an impressive resume) had "brewing" in his mind. Turns out...It's a lot. And not only is it a lot, it's so different. I was able to sample things like a blackberry wheat, a chocolate coconut porter (my personal favorite), and...well...these:

That Carrot Cake beer was unlike anything you have ever had. I promise.

Look, how many breweries have opened and you've thought "Yeah, awesome! A new brewery!" Only to go and see nothing special. A pale ale. A stout. Maybe a porter. But nothing with any real spirit. No real heart. Nothing to get really excited about. But at their new location, they already they have their batch of "Made Wit Basil" (a witbier brewed with fresh, chopped basil) kegged and ready to go. They also have "Big Punisher" their Double IPA, and while I was there last, they were finishing up brewing their Jalapeno IPA, and there was a blow-off bucket bubbling away with what I'm told is some cherry stout concoction. Yeah, I said it.

"Made Wit Basil." See, they even appreciate a good pun!

You and I both know that these are the kinds of beers that an established brewery will put out after its already gotten itself solidified. And these guys are having these on tap, at opening. That is ballsy. And I stand behind them 100% in this decision. Jailbreak is coming out swinging.

Look, the truth is, I started writing this blog post a long time ago. This is one piece I have struggled with. I want nothing more than to highlight Jailbreak in a light of positivity that they absolutely deserve. Am I kissing their ass? Maybe. It's hard to tell. I've developed a friendship with each person (Casey, Ryan, Erica, and Justin) involved in Jailbreak, I've shared beers at the owners house, I've been privy to seeing Jailbreak develop and grow, and even helped out with some CAD work so they can move along with the approval process from the state. I've put a lot of my own personal time into helping them. And I couldn't be more happier than to have done that, and I would again in a heart beat. And with all that, while I don't have anything to lose when it comes to Jailbreak, Maryland and Craft Beer as a whole, have everything to gain from their existence.

Do I love Jailbreak Brewing? Yes. And I will defend them with a fervent belligerence I save for only my most intoxicated and passionate rants on Twitter.

And before you try their beer, go to the bathroom and wash your hands.
Their faucets are magic.

Hipster Brewfus & His Guide On Beer For Girls

It's a trick. It's just filled with perfume and estrogen.

I've been asked time and time again, "Oh Hipster Brewfus you're so smart, could you please tell me which beer I should drink? You see, I'm a girl and society and the media have told me I don't know anything about beer."

So here goes my answer, in long form:

There is no "beer for girls." Every beer is for everyone. Regardless of your sex. So knock it off with that nonsense.

The End.

Brewfus' Extreme Blind Beer Challenge

So, my good friend Josh over at Short on Beer has concocted this brilliant idea called "Beer Missions" which can serve as a vessel to make beer exciting, and shake things up a bit. I highly encourage you to participate in them. During our morning session of jest between our little Twitter gang, I made some stupid claim that I can find, open, and pour a drink while blindfolded.

And I'm going to do it. BECAUSE THAT'S SEW EXTREME!

I'm going to capture this on video, and post it up, because it should be pretty good stuff, and you can all see that I am the master of everything.

With all of that said, I'm challenging you to a death match.

All you need is a camera of sorts, a blindfold, some beer, and hope that it doesn't turn out like this:

You need to be blindfolded, and what you'll do is open your beer, pour it, and hope for the best. For bonus points, have someone else pick the beer, and after you're done fumbling around, drink what you've poured while still blindfolded, and tell us what it is.

For God Status, while blindfolded, get your beer out of the fridge, find your beer opener, open it, pour it, drink it, and tell us how it is, and what it is, while flexing.

DO IT! Be it on Vine, Instagram, Youtube, artistic rendering, anything. Do it, and share it with me, because this can be great. But remember, It's a challenge. It's a challenge that I will win, because I'm totally awesome at doing stuff.

Thanks for the inspiration, Josh!


Here is my submission! I'm still waiting on yours!

The Session #85 - Why Do You Drink?

While I have flirted with the idea of joining in on The Session in the past, I hate the feeling of deadlines. And while I had an excellent idea for Oliver's Session last month (an animated flip book), I put myself behind the proverbial 8-Ball, and then shrugged it off. "Too much responsibility," I thought. But now here I am, with my new friend Doug from Baltimore Bistros and Beer, writing a Session post. Boy, how things change in a month. The more I've been interacting with this group of folks (you know who you are), the more inspired I have become.

This month, Doug wants to know why I drink. Doug, you may or may not have opened Pandora's Box on this. I'm not sure yet. I'm going full auto-pilot on this one, stream of consciousness, what have you. Beware, word fort incoming...

Why do I drink?

Doug had hoped we wouldn't use this cliche fallback "it's nice to sit back with a good beer after a stressful day of work." But you know what? It's nice to sit back with a good beer after a stressful day of work. But there's more to it than just what that sentence reads.

Look, being an adult is awful. Bills, mortgages, work, kids, all of that. Yeah, I mean, a lot of it is fulfilling, but a lot of it just strips your happiness away piece by piece. Being responsible is draining. When you're drained, what do you need? Yes, you're right dear reader, to be replenished. Both physically, and metaphorically. I have said it time and time again, my favorite part about being an adult is being able to come home, and crack open a beer. It is liquid zen.

I have never thought, "Oh man, I cant wait to get home and cook some pork chops."

"I cant wait to get home to that half a sandwich from last week"

"I cant wait to get home and a have a nice glass of milk"

As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing, or at least there are not many things comparable to that feeling when you take that first sip. It gently guides your thoughts away from whatever it was causing strife, and puts your focal point somewhere else far more positive. It gives you something to focus on, that isn't you. A good beer can completely change the tide of any day. It can make a bad day better, or a great day even more great.

Why do I drink?

Because beer is more than a momentary focal point. Because beer can become something that transport you completely. When I open a bottle of DuClaw Divine Retribution, I get the sensation that I'm sitting in the lobby of the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, and it's 3am. I have been drinking all day, with some of the best people I have had the pleasure of meeting, and its the last night to do so. So I open this bottle and share it with other beer bloggers. And when they all wander off to bed, or wherever, I'm left alone with my thoughts. And all I can think is "I'm here because I drink beer. I am who I am, because of beer. I have become Hipster Brewfus, because of beer."

The previous story was all true

Why do I drink?

Because beer has brought me some amazing relationships. Prior to my leaving Connecticut for greener grass, I had become part of what we fondly call the #CTBrewCrew. A loose affiliation of a group of us who just plain love beer. We formed our relationships because of beer, and deepened those relationships over many beers. If it was not for beer, there are a good 50 people back in Connecticut, that I would never know, and my life would be lacking.

We're a strange family of sorts

When I moved here to Baltimore, I was faced with a dilemma that I never thought I would face as an adult. I had to make new friends. It's completely different as adult compared to being a kid on a playground. How did I make friends? Through beer. I received an email from Baltibrew founder, Ryan Boddy about attending a group meeting at Nepenthe over a year ago. I had never met the guy, but he had heard of Hipster Brewfus, so I attended. One thing lead to another, one beer lead to many more. Now both he, and the owners of Nepenthe are people I consider the truest of friends. So much so, that in two months time, I'll be partying with them at my wedding.

And a couple weeks ago, I had the honor of spending time with a group of gentlemen I met on Twitter. And I have a feeling great things will come of those relationships and friendships formed that day at Heavy Seas.

Why do I drink?

Because beer, in a way, brought me love. Of all the things my fiancee does to make me love her, there was one thing that had stood out head and shoulders above most since we met: She loves craft beer. I mean seriously, what else do I need to say about that?

Not only that, but she encourages me, and pushes me, and supports me when it comes to the crazy life of a beer blogger/home brewer. Shes a keeper.

This was taken outside of Flying Dog brewery. She brought me there for my birthday. Because she rules.

Why do I drink?

Because in a very unhappy time in my life, beer gave me a fulfillment a lot of things did not. After my first marriage dissipated, I was left alone, with a lot of time to kill. When I wasn't busy being a father, I didn't have anything to do with my time. I would drink beer and play video games. I would cook, and read. But nothing was giving me any purpose. I had no satisfaction with myself. I had no hobby. At the urging of my now-fiancee, girlfriend at the time, I started this blog. With that, I immediately had this void in my life filled, because I was actually doing something that had meaning to me. And at that time in my life, I needed that more than anything. I was working on keeping a relationship long distance, and dealing And becoming Hipster Brewfus came along at the most perfect time in my life. Running this blog has taken a lot of self sacrifice and discipline, but the benefits reaped, far outweigh any slightly frustrating times.

Because every person that reads what I write, and interacts with me, gives me the strength to keep doing this.

Why do I drink?

Because every beer is an adventure. Because as it states in the Constitution or whatever, that "We hold these truths to be self evident, no two beers are created equal." Because I can recall far more great memories that include a bottle of  beer, than I can most other things. Because beer is fun. Because being drunk, or even buzzed, is a fantastic feeling regardless of how many other bloggers don't like to admit it. And beer is better than wine. Spit out my beer? Are you high?

Why do I drink?

Because I love beer. I would marry beer, but it would just be an elaborate ploy to drink her whole family at the reception.