#18 Union Brewing Balt Altbier

**Part 1 of 3 of a Dark Beer review**

Yay! A beer review!

I figure it was time for me to do a local beer review, pertinent to my new home town. This is a fun review, so hunker down and lets hop to it!

A mini anxiety attack and driving back and forth and we found it!

So, nestled in the cozy community of Woodbury/Clipper Mill, Union Brewing is busy making some great beers. Me and my fiancee decided to make the 15 minute trip (ended up being about 30, because me and directions are terrible) one Saturday afternoon. Growler in hand, we entered into a  half full tasting room, while a larger group of people were just heading off on the small brewery tour that we decided against. We just wanted beer. They had three beers for tasting;

Duckpin Ale, which I did not enjoy.

Old Pro Gose, which was pretty good for my first time trying a Gose

And that brings us to the subject of today's review, Balt Altbier! This was easily the best of the three, and much like the Gose, it was my first time trying the style. When I got home, I had to do a little research into exactly what an Altbier is and this is what I learned:

Altbier is a German top-fermenting beer brewed in Düsseldorf and other parts of North Rhine-Westphalia.
The name Altbier, which means old beer, refers to the pre-lager brewing method of using a warm top-fermenting yeast. Over time the Alt yeast adjusted to lower temperatures, and the Alt brewers would store or lager the beer after fermentation, leading to a cleaner, crisper beer than is the norm for some other top-fermented beers such as British pale ale.

Pretty neat, huh? So yeah, review...

Oh my god, wicked dahk!

The following review is all based off my own private drinking, from the growler that we totally took home with us!

This bee poured beautiful, dark mahogany. Along with that pour was a slight, disappating head, and  a nice, slick lacing around the edge.

In the light box, IT'S STILL DARK!

It has a pleasant nose to it; bold, smokey, roasted malts.It goes down nice! You can immediately taste the roasted malt, with a smooth undertone of caramel. At the end, I'm getting quite a bit of chocolate, with a bitter finish. There's a ton of small bubbles, but its a pretty light to medium body. It's really easy to drink, and at 5% its even THAT much easier. I wish I had a fireplace to drink this in front of, because it just seems fitting.

This beer is the first in a small series of dark beer reviews, because I thought it would be fun, and I'm feeling spontaneous.

Union Brewing Balt Altbier

Smell: 5/5
Appearance: 4/5
Taste: 4.5/5
Feel: 3.5/5

Overall: 4.25/5

This beer pairs well with: Clutch - Electric Worry

You can check out this awesome brewery on the web here: