Beers of Days Gone Past III (And Other Stuff!)

This is my third installment of things I was too lazy to take a good picture of, and write about! And after the pictures there's some neat and exciting news!

Dogfish Head
75 Minute IPA
I remember loving the maple, and this beer in general

New England Brewing
Imperial Stout Trooper
Both 2008 and 2010. I was blown away. I would love to get my hands on more

Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn Local 2
This was my first Brooklyn, and I was SO impressed. I need  more.

Thomas Hooker Brewing Company
Watermelon Ale
I get a lot of flack, but this is my quintessential summer beer. Mmm mmm!

Oskar Blues
Deviant Dale's IPA
One can of beer that started to sway my can prejudice. Fantastic.

The Alchemist
Heady Topper
A DELICIOUS, if not slightly over-rated DIPA. Yeah, I said it.

And there we have it, deep from the vaults of the Brewfus. Now, onto some other interesting things!

1) Flying Dog has featured me on their blog! I know, right? I'm as excited as you are. it started off with my post featuring my chili recipe. After Flying Dog contacted me, telling me they want to post it on THEIR blog, I anxiously awaited. Two weeks later, here it is! This makes me a success in my book.

2) I'm holding a giveaway! Check it out HERE! It ends in ONE DAY!

3) I recently spent the day in the Old City district in Philadelphia, PA., and scored a majorly awesome haul. I'll probably have a quick post about that.

4) I have another "Cooking With Brewfus" post ready to go, so look out for that soon!

5) I have a slew of notes ready for reviews of delicious beers, along with another themed trio of posts. I'm wicked excited, I gotta get cracking!

So, there we go, recognition for me, a bunch of new and exciting posts and a gift for you! Sounds fair, right?