Happy Places: The Foodery (Northern Liberties)

Hi guys!

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! I certainly did, except for the part that required the fiancee and I to drive about 1500 miles in 4 days or so. It was totally worth it though. This post is about one thing I did during that rather large road trip. Beer hunting.

This whole beer hunt initially started with my first bottle of Russian River Supplication . Basically, I had one bottle, and wanted more. You see, Russian River has some pretty odd distribution. Unless you're in PA, you are not getting it ANYWHERE else on the East Coast. Lucky me, I'm only a couple hours from Philly! The night before our drive home, we decided we were making a stop in the Old City District of Philly, so I hopped onto the interwebs and did a bit of research which lead me to the app, BeerWhere. I can not give this app enough praise. Once we were there, I get the app running (it uses GPS and science) and find a place a mere half mile from where I was. That place happened to be The Foodery (Northern Liberties). I foolishly didn't think to take any pictures, but I can attempt to paint a picture verbally. We walked in, and directly to our right was a small deli, with some delicious looking meats. And in front of us and to our left were about...9 or 10 refrigerated cases of beer. ALL kinds of beer. From your "domestics" to...everything. I was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of beer I have only seen in pictures. In front of the registers are about a half dozen shelves full of bottles of specialty brews from a number of different brewers. There was a small sitting area, separated by a large shelf, carrying more cases of brews. This was a neat area, full of people enjoying bottles of brews they had purchased. And probably some meat. That's what I would do, at least.

I want a place like this. Beer and meat.

Now, initially  I was there for Russian River, and had NOTHING else on my mind. I was told they were sold out though, and that when they do get it, it's gone pretty fast. I was a bit heartbroken, but got over relatively quickly as my fiancee and I went to work picking out some bottles. The guy who I initially spoke to about Russian River and other sours, was a HUGE help. I wish I had gotten his name. I'm bad at this.

They had such a great selection of brews that I can't find (or just haven't seen) in my neck of the woods. They had stuff from Evil Twin, and The Bruery and all kinds of stuff. I was in heaven. Let's check out what I got!

From left to right:  Flemish Primitive Wild Ale, which I bought in lieu of a 2010 bottle of Panil Barriquee. Next up is Left Hand Brewing Wake up Dead. I recall seeing someone post a pic of the awesome label art on Stout Day. Last, is Evil Twin Brewing Femme Fatale Brett. The Fiancee picked this one, and seeing her pick up a bottle of Evil Twin filled me with pride, so much so that I didn't notice the "Brett" in the name. I'm excited to get down with the funk in this bottle.

I wanted to get a sample of some more PA beers, so i built a little 4 pack. Left to right: Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot. In my quest to enjoy barley-wine I thought this would be something worth trying. Beer Advocate tells me differently. Guess I'll find out! Then we have Weyerbacher Merry Monk. It's a tripel, and I want to try more of those. The next bottle is Yards Brewing General Washington's Tavern Porter. I LOVE porters, and this is supposed to be Washington's very own recipe. So I'm kind of excited to try this. Lastly I picked up a bottle of Stoudts Double IPA. I've seen this around and have wanted to try it.

So that's my Philly haul. I'm extremely happy, especially considering the company I had, the place I found, the beers I found and the fact that I've never had a single one of them.

The Foodery stole my heart and a good lump of my money, and I couldn't be happier. I hope to go there again one day. If you find yourself int he area, check them out!

Find them online!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foodery.beer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fooderybeer
Website: http://www.fooderybeer.com/index.html

And also while there, quick plug, we ate lunch at a place called Farmicia. Great food, neat atmosphere and a small, but good beer list. They had a few brews from Sly Fox Beer, but I went with a Walt Wit from Philadelphia Brewing Company and was not disappointed.

"Looks like orange juice."

I also picked up a few bottles in Connecticut this weekend and this is what I have left!

Four in Hand IPA, Founders Breakfast Stout, and Chimay Tripel. Looks like that does it for this word fort of a post!