Beers of Days Gone Past IV

Yay, more beers I drank and didn't write about! I'm always tweaking these installments, so with this one, I'll be giving a bit more depth on each beer, including thoughts. It's like a 6 beer mini review, all in one convenient post!

Most...I think all of these were drank in the year 2012. But just goes to show how well I hang onto crappy pictures.

Monk's Cafe Sour Flemish Ale. Brewed for the location in Philadelphia of the same name. Some call it the Bud Light of sour, but I call those people not so nice words. I think this is a great beer. A great introduction to sours, with a lightly tart and juicy taste to it. Also, one of the only sours I know to come in a 4 pack in these areas. Or at least the only on I've seen.

Exclaim the name! Sweet Baby Jesus is a Peanut Butter Porter from hometown hero, DuClaw. I was lucky enough to get some of the first batch that came out around the end of 2012. As excited as I was to get it, I was even less so after my first taste. I thought it had all the flavor I wanted, but the feel was far too thin for a porter. After speaking about this with Brad, the sales guy for DuClaw and getting to try it locally at their Arundle Mills location (On nitro! It was nothing short of amazing.), I'm again excited about it. And it goes awesome with Pecan Pie.

One of the bottles I picked up from my order. Whiter & Nerdier from Justice brewing is a White IPA with enough "nerd" aspect to appease me. I definitely got way more Belgian than anything. That is not a complaint. While there was definitely a hop profile, the estery goodness really shined. It was a pretty decent beer. With that said...I probably wouldn't buy this again.

The Beer Fairy came to my desk a few days before my Christmas vacation. He greeted me with a 6 pack of this seasonal offering from Troegs. I was more excited than I could tell you. This beer redefined what winter seasonal beers could be. Not your plain and simple "winter warmer," Mad Elf is chock full of cherry and goodness. A sweet, malty, and spicy beer. I saw some not too long ago still sitting on a shelf. I should see if it's still there...

Another winter seasonal! Perhaps there's a reason why Sam Adams has little to no stouts in their arsenal. And with the addition of Merry Mischief to their lineup, I think they nailed the reason. This beer was just overwhelming and a chore. And it resulted in me doing something I try hard not to do...Drain pout. Womp womp.

What an AWFUL picture. The beer pictured is The Bruery Tart of Darkness. It was part of their Provisions Series. An oak aged sour stout. Sounds like a hell of a beer, right? It was. The beer bitch slapped me not only with a heavy tart, but also by being far more complicated than I ever would have guessed. A friend of mine I shared it with, she just could not get enough. It was a bit more on the expensive side, and I held onto it for many months hoping for just the right time to open it. But then I eventually said "fuck it" and shared it with my friends. I couldn't have been happier. If you see it, grab it. And when you grab it, drink it. Because it really is unlike any beer I've ever had.