Paper Cup Diaries: Relic Brewing One Foot in the Grave

Another weekend in Connecticut, another night in a hotel room, another pirated movie, and another delicious bottle of beer. But this is no regular beer.

I decided today, after panning for gold, and mining for gems, that I was in dire need for some love from my local favorite, Relic Brewing. I was elated as I walked through the door and saw Mark standing behind the bar. I couldn't get my tiny glass filled fast enough. I worked my way through the 6 beers on tap, and with each one being delicious in its own right, "One Foot in the Grave" stood out to me the most. On tap, OFitG had a light citrus, lemongrass, almost tart taste to it. A nice malty body, and just crisp and refreshing overall. I immediately pictured myself slaving away, mowing my lawn, and coming in afterwards to a nice pint of this. I loved it, I had two tastings, and asked Mark to put aside one of the two bottles for me.

Now it's a bunch of hours later, I'm less sober, and my daughters headphones are terrible (I left mine at home). This beer however, is still delicious. Just....different from the tap version I had earlier today. The nose is sweet, floral, and  even yeast is getting in on the action. If the smell had a look, it would be pretty. The taste is all kinds of lager-y (despite being the "made-up" Imperial Kellerbier). Strong malts, a very clean finish, drinks smooth. But the two things that stand out are the spice and the alcohol. This beer has no shame in it's mystery ABV that I can't find on the bottle. I could Google it...but I'm not going to. Because lazy. The tart-y, lemongrass-y taste from the tap is nowhere to be found, but I'm ok with this.

Go, go get some now, before it's too late. Because there is a slight chance I got one of the last two bottles.

I was able to blog while watching this. I am amazing.