Ha, this post isn't really about me!

Well, maybe a little. Kinda, sorta. Aw hell, let's just jump into it!

State of the Brewnion Follow Up

First, my last editorial post (State of the Brewnion) really took off a lot more than I ever could have imagined. Inside of the first 24 hours, It had over 400 page views  For me, that is INSANE. The views keep on going up now. Seems I really struck a nerve with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek.

The first place my post popped up that surprised me was over on Beerit, Reddit's beer sub-forum. It's not my favorite hang-out on the web, but was really happy to see it get picked up over there.

You can view that thread here.

To follow in those footsteps, my good friend Tony from Beer 411 took the liberty of forwarding my post to the guys over at Beer Coasters Podcast. I had no idea. So I'm sitting in the worst traffic in the world, contemplating how I can end my life with whatever I had in my car, when I got this tweet.

Alright, well, maybe life isn't so bad. I raced (sat in traffic for another 45 minutes) home, and tuned in, sat down and listened intently. These dudes were funny, and extremely knowledgeable. Around the 1 hour mark, I kinda lost my shit when I heard my name. Not only did I hear my name, they discussed the topic for a good while. Seriously, Tony, and Beer Coasters, if you read this, thank you SO much. You made my day. Go ahead and check these guys out! You can listen to the episode here, in their "Interesting IPA" issue for IPApril.

Check out the podcast featuring me, and all of their other episodes on their website: http://beercoasterspodcast.com/

That post was a lot of fun, and sparked a lot of conversation, which is what I want out of all this!

Maryland Craft Beer Festival

Are you going? I'm totally going. I'll be on the DuClaw #BamBus!

This will be my first real event since moving down to Baltimore. I'm wicked excited. Join me and over 20 of Maryland's best breweries, for what will be an incredible day of beer, food, and tunes. For more information regarding breweries, tickets and such, visit the events website: http://www.mdcraftbeerfestival.com/

This event comes at the heels of Frederick Beer Week (May 11th -18th)

CT Beer Week

So this happened. Connecticut now has its very own beer week! Like Fredericks, Connecticut's beer week is May 11th - 18th. Whoa, I get two beer weeks in one week.

One of my favorite things is how Tony, yes the same Tony from above, with the help of a few people managed to make this happen:

That, my friends, is Connecticut's very own Untappd badge. You can read more about how to get it on Untappd official blog entry. Here is the link: http://blog.untappd.com//ct-beer-week-2013

#CTBrewCrew represents pretty damn hard, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

And lastly, speaking of the #CTBrewCrew...

CraftBrewGuy: Revolution Brewfest

CBG is probably the most active guy in craft beer I know. To show the world just how serious he is, he is hosting his very first brewfest. Looking at the lineup (which is apparently getting bigger each day), this is going to be one hell of an event. Follow CBG on Twitter (@CraftBrewGuy) and/or Facebook (/FOLLOWCBG) for updates! I couldn't be more proud of the guy.

One Year Blogaversary

I have zero news regarding this. It's fast approaching, and when the day comes, I suppose I will have to come up with something. Got any ideas?!

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  1. It's a great time to be involved in the craft beer scene... especially in CT. Great post brother... glad to help spread the word. It's been a helluva week btw the podcast and meeting the co-Founder of Untappd.

    The Beer Coasters also have a YouTube clip which makes up usually about the first 15 minutes of their weekly show. Here's this week's clip on Shipyard Smashed Blueberry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnN1947Iq_E&feature=c4-feed-u