Midnight Snack: Mean Old Tom

It's well past midnight. I'm fucking improv'n up here.

Apocalypto came on the TV after Mrs. Brewfus had gone to sleep, and the dog did too (or so I thought). Apocalypto is one of my favorite movies, have you seen it? It's the one where Mel Gibson goes crazy, and sacrifices a bunch of Mexicans. There is history (kind of), a man-hunt, a jaguar, and a guy all painted up in blue. And LOTS of bad teeth. So, I pretty much have to watch it now. And I am. While talking to you. I even went and grabbed a beer out of my fridge.

And there are cupcakes too. That's how I roll.

But this is all about Maine Beer Company, and Mean Old Tom. It's a stout aged on natural vanilla beans, but I usually just call those kinds of stouts "delicious." I already have expectations, so lets see how let down/pleasantly surprised I am. It pours dark, like a stout should. With a tan head...like a stout should. I can smell it from here, and the glass is just sitting on the table. Vanilla. Smooth vanilla and roast. I love it. So far, so good.

Ok, I just took my first sip. This is super thin, and a bit more carbonated than I care for in my stouts. I feel like the vanilla is more in the nose than anywhere else. I'm not picking much up. Maybe I'm drinking it wrong. Lots of coffee and chocolate, the booze is all "hey, whats up guys?" But Vanilla? Not so much. Sad. I was really craving it. Maybe Southern Tier Creme Brulee has ruined vanilla stouts for me. Maybe I'm just a fool with an uneducated palate.

Maybe I'm just not a huge fan of this beer.

I'm going to go eat some leftover buffalo chicken pizza. And that cupcake, was delicious.