Hipster Brewfus Super Happy Fun Time Birthday Giveaway!

Ok, so one year ago I decided to get busy, after taking pictures of my beers and (foolishly) considering myself a "beer snob" I started this little corner of the internet, Hipster Brewfus  I didn't know shit, and I still don't, but I'm learning. And learning is half the battle!

Knowing, learning. Whatever.
So, in one year, I have amassed a small army of people. And without those people, Hipster Brewfus wouldn't exist. So I would like to take the time and hold a giveaway of not-quite-epic proportions, but definitely better than my last two, just to say thank you.

So let's break it down. This giveaway will last for ONE MONTH, and you will have multiple chances at entering. There will will be TWO winners. I will use the same Rafflecopter format I have used in the past. This year, my darling friends over at J. Timothy's Tavern in Plainville, Ct have joined in to help with the giveaway. One of you lucky bastards will be taking home one of these bad boys:

I have one of these at home, and I love it.

So, here are the prizes, as I have them figured right now. They are totally subject to change.

First Prize Winner:

  • Hipster Brewfus t-shirt or stone coaster set (1st prize gets dibs on one or the other).
  • Two bottles of something (beer, but unsure of what kind yet)
  • J. Timothy's mug
  • ????

Second Prize Winner:

  • Hipster Brewfus t-shirt or stone coaster set (whichever 1st place didn't take).
  • One bottle of something (beer, but unsure of what kind yet)
Sound good? I hope so.

The exciting part about the Brewfus swag, is that you'll be the only person in the WORLD with it! Because I'm making them to order. And they will be emblazoned with one of these awesome logos:

I ask that you share, and share alike. I want this giveaway to be as big as possible! Eleventy bajillion years from now, when the internet archives are scoured, I want them to find this and use it as a sign of how awesome we all are.

Best of luck, and thank you, from the bottom of my beer-soaked heart.

Lets do this shit!


  1. Brewfus Hipster RULES!!!!

  2. That glass... very tight butthole.

  3. Honestly, Reddit brought me here. As a new home brewer, however, I am looking forward to staying around.

  4. Sweet! I just found this site but love the idea. I'll definitely sign up for the giveaway and share it too. :)

  5. this post is my favorite.

  6. This is really cool, thanks for doing this!

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