All I Want To Do, Is Give Stuff To You


300+ Facebook "Likes"

800+ Twitter Followers

1 very grateful beer blogger.

I like to do these giveaways as a reminder that I wouldn't even be where I am right now without your support, encouragement, and witty banter. You guys are the fucking best. So to thank you, I'm doing this small giveaway. It'll have some beer, obviously, and other odds and ends. One winner. One week run time. Good luck, and thank you all, seriously. I love you.


EDIT 2/3/2014: My friends over at Nepenthe Homebrew have joined in on this giveaway and have graciously agreed (after much threatening and blackmail ) to provide extra prizes for this giveaway!

Also look for the "giveaway" tab on my Facebook page!

I cant wait to share this on Reddit and hear the fuck ton of comments about my color scheme on the blog. Just a heads up, I know its awful, and it will be fixed.

EDIT 2/3/2014: HA! That's now fixed, suck on that!