Beers of Days Gone Past Part II

I personally like the idea of a short blurb about different beers I found notable, but couldn't be bothered to do a review of. My first attempt doesn't seem so wildly popular, with only 18 views. But that's ok, because I stand behind it! Lets see what I've been too lazy to write about!

Crush Beer from Napa Smith Brewery
I had only seen this once, so I bought it. And since
then, I haven't seen it again. I remember it
being very sweet and fizzy.
Three Philosophers from Ommegang
This is the first and only brew from them I've ever had.
It was an overwhelming assault on the taste buds. I had
a hard time finishing, but I would try them again

Ten Penny Ale from Olde Burnside Brewing

I remember enjoying this beer a lot more when I didn't
know much about beer. I'll still grab a growler
of it once in a while. Nostalgia, what can I say?
Dark Depths from Sam Adams

Never had a beer quite like it. It was the first of their
special 22oz bottles I ever picked up. I had full
intentions of writing a review for it...But...lazy