Brewfus Rare Beer Party & #16 Space Monkey

Hey guys! Long time no blog!

It has been about a month since my last post, and a lot has happened!

  • I had my interview with Flying Dog and it was incredible! Best interview I had ever had. But alas, things didn't work out. That's OK though, I'm still super flattered I even got the chance to interview with them
  • I DID get a job with an engineering company, as a Structural Steel Designer!
  • I had an INCREDIBLE going away party hosted by Mark at Relic Brewing in Plainville, Ct
  • I moved to Baltimore!
Before I get to the latest review, I have to tell you about my going away party...or at least link you to people who can tell you about it. It was hosed by Mark, the owner of Connecticut's own, Relic Brewing, who did this out of the kindness of his own heart. He invited quite a few of my favorite people we interact with on Twitter, and a few new faces I had never spoken with before. I met a lot of great people, made some new friends and had the opportunity to drink some of the best beers I have ever had!

The generosity displayed by Mark and this group of people I have never met before, was completely overwhelming and very touching. It was an experience I will not soon forget, and hope to take part in again, but with a happier reason behind other than someone moving away. You can view a complete list of all the beers, put together by my friends at Brewing Some Fun. And my buddy, the quintessential Craft Brew Guy did a great write up that you can check out here

It was amazing, and I couldn't have been  happier with the outcome and to be able to share these amazing beers with the "who's who" in Connecticut Beer Geeks!

Believe it or not, there WAS a woman! She just got stuck taking the picture! Thanks Nikki! 

The starting line up!

At one point it seemed like the bottles were just endless! It was great!

My offering! New Glarus Belgian Red!!
The Tattooed Brewer, bottle inspecting!

The Beer Pope (in blue), educating and converting people no doubt.

Jeez, that was a review in its own right! But, seeing as I'm marking me return from my hiatus with this post, I must push forward! Quality and quantity, I got it all in SPADES!

The beer up for review today is Fegley's Brew Works Space Monkey, a raspberry saison! Sounds good, right? I love a good fruit beer, and saisons are really growing on me to be a favorite of the summer season this year! This was a gift from a good friend of mine. I was as excited to drink it as he was to give it to me!

Funny name, clever bottle art!

This beer pours nice, with a big ol' fluffy head! Color wise, its my favorite kind of hazy amber with pink tint. I didn't even have to get my nose in it before I could smell the tartness of the raspberry! Like a raspberry pie, or candy, or...something. The smell certainly was not hiding behind anything, straight raspberry assault on my favorite sense. Some people say they can smell yeast, I say some people are lying.

Sipping it, it was little drier than I was expecting. With a ton of bubbles, definitely a higher carbonation than I was expecting. And the tasted very artificial, almost chemical like. When I let it sit in my mouth for a bit, it tastes a little better. The raspberry is really the most overwhelming taste here. I think I was looking for something a bit more complex. No spice, I wasn't getting any hops really, and maybe a slight malt/grain taste, but really raspberry comes out swinging. It was...

...A bad beer. I'm sorry, but it was. I wouldn't drink this again, ever.

(Sorry Seth!)

I was told though, and I'm willing to try, that they DO make good beers! So I'll keep an eye out for some! Got any recommendations?

Fegly's Brew Works Space Monkey

Smell: 2/5
Appearance: 3.5/5
Taste: 1/5
Feel: 2/5

Overall: 2.125/5

This beer pairs well with whatever album you we're excited to listen to, and then was completely let down and crushed by it. Or Tool - 10,000 Days


  1. I'm sorry if you didn't like it. Believe me, I had my own experiences too. :( Well, I wouldn't be surprised to know if there was a woman in the brewery gang - that's not new to me. :P Anyway, I'm glad everyone enjoyed their stay. I have a favor to ask, Jake. Would you mind posting this interview you had with Flying Dog? I'd like to see it! :)

    1. Hey Corey, sorry, I just got the notification of your comment!

      The beer, eh it happens. Not every beer is for everyone, you win some, you lose some. No big deal! I was happy to try something new regardless.

      Nikki is indeed the woman in our gang, she is totally awesome. The interview, isn't the kind of interview you might have thought it was. It was an actual job interview, for a cellar technician job. I was making my move from CT to MD, and it was a potential job. ALTHOUGH...I would like to start interviewing folks in the trade.

      Thanks for reading!

    2. Whoa?! That's good to hear, Jake. So how did the interview go? This post reminded me of my friend's interview with one of the Bacardí family members last year. By the way, I like the design of Fegley's label. It's totally rad, man!

    3. Rob, it went great, i really felt like I was in my element, but alas, I got no third interview. Schedule-wise and such, it was probably for the better. I was honored just to be able to interview! And the label is awesome, I loved it. I will definitely be trying more of their beers!

    4. Whoa?! Rob, your friend must have a lot of powerful connections. I like Fegley's label design also. It's definitely for the cool people! You've gotta love the monkey. LOL!