Giveaway & Exciting news!

This is a very impromptu post, but that's ok!

So yes, exciting news, as Monday, July 23rd, my first blog giveaway has gone live. This is a big thank you to all the support I've gotten, and I hope its just the first of many giveaways I have! I wont reveal the contents exactly, but I can tell you that it is two 22oz (Bomber) bottles of local, New England beer. I've been posting about it on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, but my fiancee says having an actual post will be helpful in getting more entries. And lets be honest, my placement of it at the bottom of my page is kinda of horrible. So right here, in this post, I will have the giveaway widget!

That seems like a good place!

Hipster Brewfus Giveaway

There are tons of chances to win, the more you enter, the better your odds! And the contest is going on for a month, and you can enter more than once, I think. Don't quote me! But I will still tweet about it once in a while, I will still update my Facebook about it and I will still leave it at the bottom of the page, also. Because you cant have too many places to give away free shit...Amirite?


And in other news, I'm in Baltimore this weekend...

Big deal you say, right? Right. I come here all the time, and I'm moving here. So what? Well, here's what...

On Monday, I have a in person interview to be a Cellar Technician for my absolute favorite brewery in the United States, Flying Dog!

My fiancee took me for the first time on my birthday last year (thank you again, honey!). It was an incredible tour. An incredible gift. And I am blown away that I have the opportunity to follow my passion and possibly make a career there.

Good things come to those who wait, or good things come to those who take action and try to make things happen? Its hard to tell. A little bit of both, I would venture to guess. Waiting for the right time to make my move. Being patient. I will let everyone know the outcome. I am so goddamn excited!

This is where I get semi-personal. It took months of self persuasion to even start this blog. Even while writing it, I cant help but think to myself, "No one gives a shit about your beer or your shitty writing." But I do it anyways, because the people that do read it, the people I do interact with as Hipster Brewfus, shower me in positivity. That's why I'm doing the giveaway, and that's how I had the gumption to send my resume to Flying Dog, even while thinking there wasn't a snowballs chance in hell I even stood a chance of being considered. My fiancee, my family,my readers, and all the interaction I have gave me the self esteem to throw caution into the wind, and try for something that makes me happy. This blog has brought me a nothing but good things. So thank you, everyone.

With that,this Brewfus doofus will bid you adieu, and I hope to see your names in the entry! Good luck and may the odds, be ever in your favor.


  1. Not making a trip to Heavy Seas???

    How about some posts about 2 new breweries doing new things to start up their business?

    Beer'd Brewing out of Stonington & Firefly Brewing out of Bristol are two up & coming nano-breweries that you might find cool if you liked Relic.

    1. I'll do Heavy Seas, eventually. Timing just never works out. When I'm there, I'm there for a limited time. But once I move there, absolutely.

      And I only do posts regarding places I've been, or things I've done. I leave the more "promotional" posts to other beer bloggers in the area that are more "involved" at the moment.

      With that said, I do interact on Facebook and Twitter quite often with Beer'd and Its one brewery I'm particularly excited for. Firefly, I've admittedly, through no fault of my own, looked over. I'll have to change that.

      Thanks for reading and commenting though, and perhaps eventually I'll get to those more informative "whats happening" posts! But right now, its not where my heart is at the moment.

  2. Glad to see you started the blog too my friend!! It's a great time to be on the front lines of craft beer, especially in CT. The rising success of Relic... the foundation of Two Roads, Beer'd, Firefly, Charter Oak, Lost Elm... the continued success of Hooker, NEB, Calvary, Tullycross, Willibrew, Plan Bs, Backstage... the rising hobby of homebrews... And with groups like the CT Beer Trail and the newly forms CT Brewers Guild...

    ...What's NOT to love?!