#20 A Saison Darkly (Import Series Vol 2)

**Part 3 of 3 of a Dark Beer Review**

This is a "live" blog. I thought it would be fun to drink this beer, review, write, and post - all while watching the season premier  of The Walking Dead. Good idea? We will see how it works. Tonight's beer comes from Stillwater Artisianal Ales. I bought it based on the bottle art, which you'll see is quite beautiful. I found out today, they are a Baltimore brewery, but I bought the bottle in Connecticut while on one of my visits I kind of got a kick out of it.

A watermark? Yup, stepping up my game.

Whoa, Rick is chopping zombie heads off.

Pour: Dark, with mahogany tones in the light. A nice, 2 finger, fluffy, tan head.

Smell: Sweet, very sugary sweet. Like...a brown sugary sweet. I love it. There's some spice in there, with a hint of alcohol.

Taste: First few sips are bland. As I let it sit, It's getting a much heavier, darker taste. The malts are present, but I'm not getting any of the spice or sweetness I took in with the smell. The slight burn of alcohol is dancing around on my tongue and I can taste it when I exhale. I just burped. There's the tinge of alcohol on my nostril.

Whoa, Rick just pulled off a gas-mask on a zombie and its face came off.

Overall? Meh. I picked up the bottle on a whim, not knowing what to expect. It has a pretty good score on Beer Advocate but I'm impartial. It isn't a bad beer, I'm glad I got to try it, but I don't know that I'd try this particular beer again. Too much alcohol burn, not much else on my palate. But I would definitely try other beers of theirs.

You can check them out online! 

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Holy shit, Rick just amputated Hershel!

Is that not beautiful?

This wraps up the last entry in my 3 part Dark Beer series! That was fun.

Stillwaters Artisianal Ales A Saison Darkly (Vol 2)

Smell: 4/5
Appearance: 3.5/5
Taste: 3/5
Feel: 3/5

Overall: 3.375/5

This beer pairs well with: Swollen Members - Black Magic