#35 Three Floyds Alpha King

Majestic as hell.

Right now, I'm steady cruising above the united states, 20k ft up in the air. Jack and Coke in hand, little bag of peanuts to the side of my laptop, and my ear buds buried deep in my ear holes.  I'm ready to do this. Let's review a friggin beer. Not just any beer, I'm lucky enough to be able to review another Three Floyds!

I received this bottle when I received my package containing Zombie Dust. While Zombie Dust seems to be the name on everyone's tongue when it comes to Three Floyds, I feel like perhaps Alpha King should be right up there with it.

You can spread it on friggin' toast.

Pours  a really deep, opaque orange. While staring at the beer in the glass, I'm reminded of a setting sun, and soon reminded that I've wasted another day. but there is always tomorrow . a nice, dirty, filthy, grungy looking off white head, that was quite fluffy.

The nose is quite subdued, when compared to Zombie Dust. It’s a bit more forward with the hops. There's  pine, malt, yadda yadda. Ever smelled a pale ale before? Yeah, that.

It tastes great! A nice strong hops presence, which is quickly replaced by a lovely malt body. This is a extremely well made pale ale and truly a pleasure to drink.  It's mellow, smooth, and delicious. I wouldn't hesitate a single minute to put this beer up there with Zombie Dust.

Send me all your bottles, right meow.

Beautiful, right?
And that label art?

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3 Floyds Alpha King

Smell: 4.5/5
Appearance: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Feel: 4/5

Overall: 4.125

This beer pairs well with: Run the Jewels - Get It