FermentedTees.com and Hipster Brewfus Show You How To Look Good

**This product was provided to me for an honest review. All the words that follow are 100% bullshit free**

About 3 weeks ago, FermentedTees.com threw up the Hipster Brewfus signal in the sky, and me being the Dark Knight of Beer and looking dapper as shit, answered their call. I punched open the laptop and slammed my fingers down on the keyboard, marking my arrival. Inside of a week, I was able to put on my very own t-shirt from FermentedTees.com, and I couldn't be happier.

I ordered an XL, because I'm a bit of a big guy. The first thing I did was look at the tag. Oh good, Gildan! Now you see, Brewfus owns a lot of t-shirts. Be it concerts, comic books, beer, and so on. It's not hard to start to realize who makes the better quality shirts. Gildan is one of the best. In case you're wondering, American Apparel makes some of the worse. I'm a well of useless information. Score one for FT.com. The screen printing is nice and heavy duty. I'm not ever in fear about that fading, washing away, chipping off, so on, so forth. The shirt in general, is of a high quality. It also fit me quite well. I'm a big guy, and the XL fit me just fine. So I wouldn't hesitate to say the shirt is true to size

Getting a good picture of yourself...

...isn't as easy as it looks when you're only packing a cell phone...

...and a dirty (I thought I cleaned it) mirror.
How did the MySpace generation do it?
Do I need duck lips?
 The customer service is something awesome. I hadn't heard back from them inside of a day or so after sending my initial e-mail, so I sent them an email from a different email address, and they were quick to reassure me everything was all good.

The one day I wore the shirt, I went to work, and even ventured to the mall, to see if I could get maximum exposure. A couple people at work liked it, but were concerned that I was wearing a shirt with a pine-cone on it, and I might be crazy. After explaining that it wasn't a pine cone, but a hops cone, their eyes widened in half understanding, and they then asked me what a "hops cone"was. I was met with the same "I really want to know what you're talking about" look when asked about it by two different employees at Bass Pro Shop. I'm used to that look, so it wasn't anything different than anything I'm used to. The key is, the shirt drew peoples attention, and that's awesome.

The have shirts for everyone, the sarcastic funny beer fan can find their shirt here: Funny Beer Shirts. You craft beer enthusiasts can have your fill of cotton awesomeness here: Craft Beer Shirts.

Their real bread and butter can be found in their Homebrewers section. With four different t-shirt designs, you can pick one, or all of the fun and funny designs. You can check hem out here: Homebrewers Shirts

Women you are not left out, you have your own section here: Women's Beer & Homebrew Shirts.

The only downsides that was brought my attention was from Mrs. Brewfus herself. You see, she loves beer, also. And she also loved my shirt. So much so, she wanted one for herself. But alas, the Hops and Crossbones isn't available in women's sizes. And the only downside I could come up with, was that I wish they had even MORE designs. But I also know Brian and crew over at FermentedTees.com  are a relatively new outfit, as I've been communicating with them via twitter since they started in the not too distant past.

With all that said, there is only one logical choice when you find yourself on their website

FermentedTees.com is awesome, the people are awesome (and avid homebrewers!), the product is awesome and the quality of service is fantastic. And thanks guys, for giving me the opportunity to help.

You can find them online!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fermentedtees
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fermentedtees
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/fermentedtees/
Tumblr: http://fermentedtees.tumblr.com/
Website: http://www.fermentedtees.com/

**This product was provided to me for an honest review. All the words that preceded are 100% bullshit free**

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  1. Average T-Shirt ... In my opinion they become too short after several trips through the washer & dryer, I am 5'9". i would recommend gildan G840 56 Oz