Follow the Yellow Brick Road to DuClaw's New Facilities!

Image courtesy of Drink Baltimore

You know, in the one year since I've started, there have been times when I wouldn't shut the hell up about DuClaw on Facebook and Twitter, but I have NEVER reviewed a beer of theirs. That is stupid of me. I'm going to be changing that very soon. I already know the beer.

But this post isn't about that. This post is about the VIP tour of sorts me and about a dozen others were lucky enough to be a part of. We were able to be a part of this tour as ticket buyers to the DuClaw #BAMbus on the way to the Maryland Craft Beer Festival last month. There isn't going to be a post about that (because I took a "vacation day"), and even today's post isn't a real IN DEPTH view, but I just wanted to share my excitement, and some pictures.

It's no joke when I tell you their new facility is on Yellow Brick Road. take a look for yourself:

It's funny because around the same time as their announcement of moving, and the release of their Oz IPA, it was about the same time as that new Oz movie came out. I asked my buddy Brad from DuClaw about it, and we had a good laugh. The following are some shots I was able to take while on my tour. And it was a great tour, even though they kept apologizing. The facility is brand new, the offices not even formed yet. You'd never even know you had reached the place, unless you were looking for the trademark "D" on the door handle.

I was allowed a couple of few secrets. The biggest one being what's going to be Divine Retribution #3. Ask all you want, but I ain't saying shit! Seriously though, I had the greatest time. It was a great tour,with great people, and a great way to kick off a GREAT weekend.


I can definitely see this being my bar when it's all said and done. I'll keep everyone posted on updates when I get more news!

You can also keep in touch with DuClaw on the internets: