#8 Wolavers Wildflower Wheat

I love Otter Creek. Their Stovepipe Porter is on a (constantly revolving) list of one of my favorite beers.

Enter Wolavers. Now, I was initally put off by the term "organic," thinking "This beer is going to taste like crap." And one day Blog About Beer asked on facebook, what we all thought of organic beers. Well, that was enough to spur me to try it so I could tell them what I thought! I picked up a 6 pack during my Baltimore Brewhaha and got to work.

Lets get it on!

This beer just LOVED the camera

This beer poured a nice, hazy color. And to be honest, I like hazy in my beers. And the nose on it was quite pleasant. It smelled like summer. Like earth. Honey and floral. I felt like I should have been making a run for the nearest tie-dye shirt. It had a nice fluffy 2 finger head that disappeared quickly. Seriously, from the photo you couldn't even tell it had one. And the lacing was pretty much non-existent. Took my first sip and BLAM, this beer kicked ass. For a wheat, this beer had a pretty heavy mouthfeel. Not a ton of carbonation. The honey is the most prominent flavor, but there's more. So. Much. More. A lot of times I can smell the floral, but not taste it, but this beer was all "TASTE THE POLLEN, SUCKA!" I loved it. If I could verify what lavender tastes like, I'd say that's what I was tasting, because it was definitely in the smell. I quickly passed the glass to my girlfriend, "you have to try this, I think you'll like it!" And she did. So I knew this beer was a keeper (she even had one while I wasn't looking). 

This beer is different from a lot of wheats. This is heavy, but not overwhelmingly so. It doesn't have the crispness a lot of wheats have, but its still very smooth. This beer is not hoppy or malty, it just is. If this beer was a person, I would have a beer with it. My hats off to the Brew Master, they really treated this beer with some TLC. I would drink this beer any day. 

With this beer, I have learned not to judge a book by its cover. And lets take a look at that cover!

I'm pretty sure that's my Grampa. Except hes a Whiskey guy.

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Wolavers Organic Wildflower Wheat

Smell: 4/5
Appearance: 3.5/5
Taste: 4/5
Feel: 4/5

Overall: 3.875/5

This beer goes pairs well with: White Magic - Through the Sun Door

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