Blog Mail & Something Special For The Fans!

I have another review, in the works, FRET NOT! but to tide you over I have a few things we can talk about! 

The first thing on my agenda is I received my first official Blogger Mail! And I'm going to tell you all about it! Before I really get into detail, I just want to say that this is huge to me. This whole week, between new followers on my Facebook and my Twitter, I have around 30 new followers. THAT IS SO EXCITING! I can not thank Connecticut Beer enough!

Ok, now, mail. Yes, right. Check it!

My good looks are paying off!

Looks good right? Do you know what you're looking at, because I sure as hell don't. Lets break it down, b-boy style, left to right (Descriptions provided to me from Ricardo Clarquez):

Oskar Blues Deviant Dales – This is proof good beer comes in a can. 
New Glarus IIPA – A GREAT brewery that only distributes in WI. 

The Bruery Otiose – A wild/ sour beer – Find a friend to help you with this bottle. It’s too much to take down aloneBells Expedition stout – I think this is an ’11 VERY good Russian Imperial Stout. Very hoppy 

New Glarus Cheery Stout – I really like this beer, it’s a love or hate though New Glarus – Belgian Red, this will challenge what you think beer is. 

Russian River Supplication – Based in CA with very limited distribution, some of the BEST American sours ever made. You will find this to be more of a wine than a beer
Two Brothers Hop Juice Black – Black IPA only sold at the festival I was at last weekend.

I know, right? The generosity displayed completely floors me. I almost don't even want to drink them! Well, I mean  I do. but, you know...Anyway, got any you're particularly interested in? What do you think I should drink first? I haven't had ANY of these!

While you're still deciding what you want me to drink, I'll let you in on a little secret...

I'm going to do a blog giveaway! Here's the details:

As of  now, I have 48 Facebook likes, 8 Google Friend Connect followers and 36 followers on Twitter

All of my blog-following/liking links are located on the right side of my page so get to clicking! For this contest though, my Untappd profile is excluded. Once I reach 100 followers or likes I'll post the Rafflecopter for the giveaway and you can all fight like rabid animals. The prize has yet to be determined, but It will probably be something totally bitchin'.

I suppose that makes it official. I have officially stated I'm having an official bog giveaway! Exciting!

Tell your friends! Help me hit 100!

I suppose that will do it for me tonight! There will be a new review coming this weekend, along with hopefully some exciting local news! So stay tuned and have a safe weekend!


  1. Tell me you got all of this in the mail?!

    1. I totally got ALL of this in the mail from one of my readers! Wicked generous!

  2. New Glarus is great beer and really the only reason to go to Wisconsin.

    1. Yeah, that New Glarus was FANTASTIC! Going to have to have someone send me out some again!