#9 Sam Adams Norse Legend

Have you ever heard of Sahti before? I haven't! "WTF is a Sahti" you ask? Good question! TO THE INTERWEBS!

Sahti is a traditional beer from Finland made from a variety of grainsmalted and unmalted, including barleyryewheat, and oats; sometimes bread made from these grains is fermented instead of malt itself. Traditionally the beer is flavored with juniper berries in addition to, or instead of, hops; the mash is filtered through juniper twigs through a trough shaped tun called a kuurna in Finnish. Sahti has a distinct banana flavor due to the production of isoamyl acetate by the yeast. Sahti is a top-fermented brew (ale), and while baking yeast has been used traditionally, ale yeast may also be used in fermenting.

Thanks, Wikipedia! 

I bought this on the momentous first sunday of legal alcohol sales in CT! I had zero idea of expectations, so lets see what Sam Adams had up his sleeve with the introduction of Norse Legend!

I seriously need that light box!

Pour: 1.5 finger head, and VERY fluffy. It went away fast leaving a sticky lacing.

Color: Clear dark toffee brown, with a reddish highlight. Something your girlfriend or wife would want to get at the salon. Quite beautiful.

Nose: Very sweet...kinda spicy,with a burnt malt. You really have to take it in deep to pick it up. But no Juniper, which was odd to me.

Taste: Mellow with a slight fruity taste, I'm guessing it was the Juniper but I've never had it before so I could be way off. More malt than anything with practically zero hops. This beer went down easy, but its by far, NOT a session beer. At least, not to me.

Sam Adams is continuing to impress me. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Especially being a new style I had never had before. I'm enjoying the fact that large brewers are starting to get their hand into old, traditional, historical brews. Dogfish Head is a great example. Now I want to try other interpretations of Sahti and see what other brewers have to offer. Do any of you have some suggestions?

And how cool is the label!?

Gettin' all kinds of Nordic in hurr

Sam Adams Norse Legend

Smell: 3/5
Appearance: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Feel: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.625/5