#10 City Steam Blonde on Blonde

Woooo, double digit review! And a local, at that!

City Steam Brewery. I've never been, but I have purchased their Naughty Nurse on more than one occasion. Because lets face it, the name is catchy, and the beer is damn good. Luckily I was able to score this bottle at Stop & Shop, in their new craft beer selection!

Spider Man felt appropriate.

Kinda sexy, right? No wonder they call it "Bottle Porn."
And the vintage artwork speaks to the Hipster in me.

Even though the picture is deceiving, it poured your normal amber color. Which upon thinking, I should really stop describing the color of the beer, unless its something unique. Because lets be honest...most beers pour your standard beer color. Like, if it were acceptable, I bet Crayola would have already made a "beer" crayon. Moving along!

Getting a good whiff of it, it smelled nice and sweet, picking up a lot of citrus. But with a slight trace of hops making its way up into my nasal cavity. As I was expecting something even lighter, this was interesting. Head you ask? Me too. There was none. Unless I blinked, which is entirely possible. First taste and the sharp crispness of it kind of surprised me, especially the lingering hops. Not overwhelming by any means, but more like the last guest that wont leave, when you want to go to sleep. It was just...there. And it confused me, much like their description. Was it a pale ale, or just a hoppy ale? I'm leaning towards...middle of the road. It went down so easily, with a nice feel to it that didn't detract from the drinking experience. Lighter carbonation than a soda, but certainly enough bubbles to make your mouth happy. Starts light, finishes hoppy, drinks easily. I was sold.

Everything on paper makes this a "good" beer. While nothing that will make anyone's "best beer" list, it's certainly something that wont disappoint in any way. Perhaps confuse, but never disappoint. This is an all around good beer, good for any occasion and I think would satisfy most palates.

Now I actually need to go there!

City Steam Blonde on Blonde

Smell: 3/5
Appearance: 3/5
Taste: 3/5
Feel: 3.5/5

Overall: 3/5

This beer pairs well with: Quarashi - Jinx

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