Beers of Days Gone Past

Believe it or not, I didn't always dream of being a beer blogger. But I always found myself taking pictures of the beers I drank, as if one day....

Holy foreshadowing! Today is just a quick, fun, little ditty of some beers I have had in the past, that I thought were delicious (maybe) and that I might not review! Because I'm lazy (And sheer availability)! 

Here we go! And be prepared for some less than stellar photos!

 Highland Wild Ale from Olde Burnside Brewing

My first sour, ever. And it blew me away. So did the price. This bottle was $15+. But my god, was it delicious. If I could find one more bottle, I'd consider buying it again.

Chocolate Truffle Stout from Hooker Brewery

First stout I ever loved. Seriously, loved. This beer is easily in my running of best beer of 2012. I eagerly anticipated the release of this beer like I would a new Spider-Man or Batman movie. The day of its release, I was at the liquor store,  6 pack in hand. This beer seemed to have taken Connecticut beer drinkers by storm. Also, it's great over ice cream.

I remember this being a stand out brew from the few of the 100 Barrel Series I had actually tried. And damn, look at the head on that thing! Honestly though, other than enjoying it a lot, and being impressed by the head, I don't recall much else!

And that wraps it up! See? Quick and fun! Got any "I remember that beer..." stories? Let me know, maybe I've had the same beer! And maybe between the both of us we slap together some kind of coherent joint memory of what we thought about it!

And also,

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